Uni-Control, LLC is a consulting firm & project developer with a central focus on sustainability & climate change. 

We provide technical, commercial and financial support services to project developers world wide. 

We structure asset based loans for private sector & public sector projects based on credit rated investment grade guarantees rated by Moody, S&P or Fitch.

We structure "Sustainable Project Development Think Tanks and Project Execution Funds" targeting climate change and sustainable project development in developing countries. 

This based on a design, build and privatize approach. 

This reduces the risk for long term loan exposure as the projects are sold right after they have been build. 

This creates jobs, attracts investors, build supply capacity & develop human capital in the nations involved. 

Climate change can be solved by lifting people out of poverty & by promoting sustainable choices via project development. 

We make the world a better place though sustainable project development. We are new world pioneers.

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