About Uni-Control

We focus on solving the climate change crisis using a wholistic approach combining technology innovation, financing, collaboration and education. 

We develop proprietary technology and create climate technology export opportunities from companies in the developed world to Governments and Companies in the developing and underdeveloped world. This combining integrated project development and financing. 

Via collaboration agreements with world class design and engineering firms, investment banks and government Export Finance Agencies we create climate and sustainable technology exports. We export technical expertise to the markets that needs it the most, using a win win strategy. 

Uni-Control, LLC was established in 2005 by the Danish Ing. Jens Wiik Jensen who graduated from DTU Denmark as an Export Engineer back in 1993. Since graduation he has specialized in environmental engineering and climate related technologies, project development, project financing and export. 

As an entrepreneur with a passion for solving key climate change challenges and environmental issues he has in-debt experience from world leading companies like Kurita Water Industries, Dow Chemical, Filmtec, Kruger Veolia, among others and has worked in Denmark, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Panama, USA, Canada, the Philippines and the Caribbean solving integrated environmental problems using some of the most advanced solutions within water, ultra pure water treatment, waste water treatment, portable water treatment and water recycling. 

As the energy sector is closely related to water and automation as all power plants boil water that run turbines, Jens developed a passion for solving the climate change crisis focussing on water and water splitting into hydrogen. Via his in-debt knowledge in ultra pure water, ion exchange technologies and membrane separation he discovered and developed novel ideas to simplifying processes that today are overly complex and as a result can not produce hydrogen competitively.  

As an Export Engineer with a focus on environmental engineering and climate change Jens has developed circular economic solutions that addresses the problems at its core. 

These solutions can finance such complex processes that today can not be funded due to size, complexity & lack of attention. Current classic financing models consists of grants, seed capital, venture capital and finally IPOs. These models fails to solve the big picture problems as required to solve the climate change code red for humanity. 

Jens thus ventured out to combine his experience in the industry as an Export Engineer to combine innovation, financing, collaboration and education via the setting up of Sustainable Project Development Think Tanks & Project Execution Funds. 

This opens up a path to solve the enormous challenge we phase with global warming by hacking the existing hamster wheel. 

These solutions focus on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
Diagram - The Uni-Control World & Mission:
Diagram - The Solution: To solve the Climate Change Crisis we must work from the bottom and up. This is our mission.